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This Years Tracks

Level description:
I have no or little experience in the dance.

Confident: I am confident with my basics & moves, leading / following on the social dance floor & in classes. I am up for new challenges.

Masterclass: In this class we will explore ways to mix Shag and Balboa. We will play with fancy moves which work in both styles and transitions to make it easy to switch. This will increase the understanding of both styles and open new possibilities on the social dance floor. Solid basics in Balboa and Shag are required.

This Years Teachers

Balboa with

Johanna & Camilla

Shag with

Sirom &

Confident Shag & Balboa
Track & Masterclass

Heiko & Larissa
have been dancing & teaching together for more than a decade. They love to spread the joy of swing dancing, in their local dance school Basel Jitterbugs & all around Europe. Both dance various swing dance styles & mix them, based on the tempo and energy of the music. In class they share their immense passion for swing dancing, to help you grow as a dancer & develop your own voice on the dance floor. You might have seen them in the teachers' line up of many festivals like Rock that Swing, the Barcelona Shag Festival or Swing Paradise.

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This years Additional info


We have once more tried to reserved space for all our guests from outside of Innsbruck!

We try to offer some Swing-Couches of local hosts, check info for that in the registration form. Furthermore you can book in our two local partner accommodations Nepomuk Hostel Innsbruck and Montagues Hostel.

They are both very central. We blocked all the apartments there to make sure, they are reserved for our guests.Please let us know, via the following mail, if you are interested in this offer.

-> bnb@alpinejitterbugs.com

We just want to inform you, that usually, the situation during Christmas is really crazy when it comes to getting a cheap sleeping place in Innsbruck.

Covid-19 Info & Cancelation of the event:

We will be subject to all laws of the Austrian government, regarding events and classes during theses times. We hope that everybody understands, that at the moment we are confident of hosting this festival in accordance to all legislations. However, if we will not be able to organize the festival as planed we also hope you understand it. We keep you updated every step of the way, to ensure we are able and ready to host.

3G, 2.5G ?

At the moment we have in Austria a 2.5G rule for all events where mixing and mingling of people might not be fully prevented. Therefore we kindly ask you, to arrive with a valide PCR test result, recovery certificate or vaccination certificate in Innsbruck, and to the festival AT ALL TIMES.

We also kindly ask you to refresh your test certificate frequently and as often as needed to have a valid G throughout the whole festival.

We also strongly recommend PCR Testing for vaccinated and recovered persons, as it won’t hurt or cost you, but might help us to really organize this thing!

❤️ Thank you ❤️

The Alpine Jitterbugs Team