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We are looking forward to invite you to unique events in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps. As a small community we aim to foster the swing scene with social dances, workshops, international teachers, unique classes and of course – great surroundings.

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Our passion for swing dancing and swing music guided us to found the non-profit association “Alpine Jitterbugs Innsbruck e.V.”. As Alpine Jitterbugs we organize dance courses, workshops, events and festivals for our local scene and for our international guests who visit us here in Innsbruck. Everything we organize is strictly on a non-profit base.

Our vision is to help shape a long-lasting and open-minded swing scene in Innsbruck, which conveys the passion for swing to the outside world and at the same time welcomes international dancers and musicians with great hospitality.

We want to create places where swing dance culture takes center stage, where people can come together and where exchange between all those involved can be encouraged.

Find out more about our association by reading our constitution. 

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the team

Sirom und Jazzy Swingtanzen


I love swing music. It was the reason I started dancing. When I discovered that swing music came in almost every tempo and style, I wanted to be able to dance to all of those songs. This motivated me to dig into all dances, so that I could always dance the right steps to each song!


I love Swing!
Swing is just so much fun. Whether Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag or Balboa. It’s the joy, the togetherness, the laughter, the music and just getting involved in all of that what makes me enjoy our community so much.

portrait juls und siroml
portrait niki schweiger


Swing is more than music and it’s bigger than us!
For me it’s music, dance, friends, a lifestyle and a philosophy. It’s my main reason to travel around the world and meet different people all over the place. I love all dances and styles in this divers and colorful world and I am grateful to be part of it.
I am very proud to be an organizer in my home scene and I am thankful for all the opportunities I get to dance and teach out there.

The Friends

helene roth


After a lindy hop taster about 10 years ago I was hooked and danced the whole night long through. Inspired by the music and the joy of dancing I started to learn about lindy hop. Soon I discovered that swing is much more than music and dancing – it’s a culture that connects people all over the world. Today I am happy for the possibilities to introduce everyone who is interested into the swing world. Dancewise I mainly share lindy hop and solo dancing.

domi peters


I’ve always had a connection to music and dancing is a natural extension of that. This became a great passion of mine when I was first introduced to swing dancing. What I love most about swing dance is the variety it brings. With swing you’re not forced to stick to one dance style or even a role, you can always mix and match.

mirjam wittman


I like Swing and I like to dance.
Combining both makes me happy since 2011 when I started trying my first Lindy-hop steps in Innsbruck. After some years I started Balboa dancing in Leipzig which is now my absolute favorite dance to faster swing music. I’m not professional, but I’m passionate.
That’s why I try to show some first or even second steps to others.

cam marantz


I have been a serious runner and climber for most of the last 15 years. I really enjoy these hobbies, but to me dancing is the whole picture. It’s athleticism, it’s body awareness, it’s mental stimulation, it’s playful, it’s social and most importantly, it’s connection. Plus, who couldn’t benefit from a little more dancing?! It has created so much joy in my life that I am excited by the opportunity to share that joy with others.

Franzi Unterberger


In 2010 I got to know and love swing in Vienna. The possibility in swing dancing to combine different dance styles and to develop myself creatively means freedom to me. My motto is: dance yourself to freedom – “Tanze dich frei”.

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