Choosing the right level helps you and all of your fellow peers in the same group to advance your learning no matter where you stand. 
We ask you to read these instructions carefully and be completely honest with us and yourself. 
These levels apply for our international festival as well as all the local classes & workshops we offer.
If in doubt – reach out! 
We are happy to assist you in finding the best choice for you info@alpinejitterbugs.com

Note: To ensure the good level of classes we are aiming to provide for all our fellows out there, we as organisersm take the liberty to confirm applications for different levels with a questioneer process or video content. 


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Simple Basics

Follow us into the amazing world of different Swing Dances. You are a perfect fit in this level if you have little or no prior experience in the dance you want to pick up on. Enjoy getting to know it and dig deeper!



The Curious level is suitable for those who have a solid knowledge of all the basics. Numerous rhythm and footwork variations, varying leading/following techniques and concepts, and moves are now waiting for you. Also, you will gradually get used to different tempos and improve your feeling for music.



The Ambitous level is for anyone who wants to regularly challenge themselves and their dance technique and work specifically on details. You are aware and stress- free in your own dancing. You already have a good understanding of the most important leading/following techniques and concepts, as well as musicality, different rhythms and footwork variations.



After many years of experience in swing dance, numerous local or international workshops and festivals, you are ALWAYS confident on the dancefloor at ALL tempos and with EVERY dance partner. Here you can work intensively on details and techniques. – The confident level is the highest level we can offer in Innsbruck – We as organisers will take the liberty to confirm individual applications for this level.



You are totally confident in your dancing, and that’s all there is to say.

You understand the concepts and underlying structure of the dance and see it as a form of communication. You compete in different swing dances, teach them actively in your home scene or internationally – or you would say about yourself, that dancing is the one thing in your life, that takes it ALL. – For this level we will always ask you for a formal application with in-depth questions and/or proof with video content.


Train the Teachers – Level and Content

In the TTT we will work on our teaching skills, our dance technics and dive deep into our individual needs as dancers. What exactly will happen is suggested by the invited Trainers and concepts the group want to work on.