with marion & Cam

Date: 15.-16.06.24

Balboa on Simple Basics & Curious Level

Did you catch wind of the June Jitterbugs weekend with Luis and Maria and wonder to yourself: “Am I ready for their balboa classes?!” If so, then this weekend workshop is for you! Join Cam and Marion the week before for a weekend of balboa to make sure you’re fully prepared!
There will be a full crash course (6 hours!) for complete beginners and a curious level workshop on Saturday (2 hours) for those with some experience that want to dive in deeper or just freshen up their skills.

Marion Forano: Marion began her journey with swing dances in 2016, with Lindy hop and Solo jazz. It didn’t take long for her to fall in love with Balboa and Shag, which she started in 2017. Since then, she has been an active performer and competitor, joining many finals and winning many prizes, including the first place in Balboa at the MBSW 2022 Mix’N’Match competition. Marion’s background as a modern jazz performer, a competitive gymnast and trainer, and a researcher in human movement brings a unique perspective and shapes her both as a dancer and dance teacher. In her classes, she likes to foster dance connection through body awareness, communication and attentiveness to one’s partner.

​​​​​​​Cameron Marantz: Cam’s foray into swing dancing occurred in 2019 when he began lindy hop classes in New York. After moving to Innsbruck in 2021, he took that dance enthusiasm with him and discovered how global the scene really is. Now he also dances balboa, shag, slow balboa and blues to enjoy a variety of tempos and music styles. To Cam, dancing is the full picture: a mixture of athleticism, body awareness, mental sharpness, creativity, playfulness and connection. He focuses on all of these elements in his dancing and teaching, with a special emphasis on developing a comfortable and synergistic connection between partners. Drawing on 15 years of competitive sport and 5 years of dance experience, Cam knows how to actively engage with the learning and improvement process, and he works hard to help cultivate these skills for his students.

Saturday, 15.06.24 and Sunday, 16.06.24

Stadtteiltreff Höttinger Au, Daneygasse 1, 6020 Innsbruck

Beginner Intensive (á 6 h) -> 75 €
Curious (á 2 h) -> 25 €

Saturday |
11:30-13:30 h Balboa Curious
15:00 – 18:00 h Beginner Intensive
Sunday |
13:00 – 16:00 h Beginner Intensive



Simple Basics
Follow us into the amazing world of different Swing Dances. You are a perfect fit in this level if you have little or no prior experience in the dance you want to pick up on. Enjoy getting to know it and dig deeper!

Balboa Curious
The Curious level is suitable for those who have a solid knowledge of all the basics. Numerous rhythm and footwork variations, varying leading/following techniques and concepts, and moves are now waiting for you. Also, you will gradually get used to different tempos and improve your feeling for music.


Important: Both levels will be held from 5 couples onwards.
Please note the registration ends on 10.06.2024
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