Alpine Jitterbugs Shag n Bal 23

It’s a pleasure to welcome you to the third edition of Alpine Jitterbugs – Shag ‘n‘ Bal. Based in the beautiful City of Innsbruck, we are able to offer you unforgettable alpine surroundings.

Our goal is to create a dancefloor where Shag and Balboa are enthusiastically danced together.
We truly believe that Shag and Balboa have a lot in common and that’s why we would like to encourage you to celebrate both dance styles at our festival.

Living in an alpine-urban City like Innsbruck brings a lot of awareness to sustainability. That’s why we are for the third time in a row, an
official Green Event.


…and YES: you should stay for the beer dance! There is live music and beer tasting. 😉


During The Festival we will have the following Check in Times:

Friday Classes

17:00-18:00 h StreetMotion Studio
17:30 – 18:00 h Orangerie

Friday Evening Check-in

21:00 – 23:00 h Orangerie

Saturday Classes

10:30 – 11:00 h StreetMotion
10:30 – 11:00 h Orangerie

14:15-14:30 h Orangerie
14:00-14:30 h Streetmotion

Saturday Evening-Only Check-in

18:00 – 20 h Orangerie

Sunday Evening-Only Check-in

18:00 – 20 h Tribaun

We have the pleasure to offer you 3 levels in Collegiate Shag

✅ Curious (4h)
✅ Confident (4 h)
✅ Invitational (2 h)

You will find the level requirements below.

All Collegiate Shag Classes will be taught by

Sandy Lewis & Martí Gasool

*if you book at least one track, ALL Evenings are automatically included

We have the pleasure to offer you 3 levels in Balboa

✅ Curious (4h)
✅ Confident (4 h)
✅ Invitational (2 h)

You will find the level requirements below.

All Balboa Classes will be taught by

Anni Skoglund & Gašper Hrovat 

*if you book at least one track, ALL Evenings are automatically included

We have the pleasure to offer you 3 levels in St. Louis Shag

✅ Simple Basics/ Courius (4h)
✅ Confident (4 h)

You will find the level requirements below.

All St. Louis Shag Classes will be taught by

Simona Pogosian & Rokas Borusevičius

*if you book at least one track, ALL Evenings are automatically included.

Of course you can combine different tracks across the dances of Balboa, Collegiate Shag & St. Louis Shag. 
All possible combinations are visible in the registration from. 

Mostly you can combine different tracks of the same level, however some levels can be combined as well.

If you are a very experienced dancer but still wanna crack out on a certain dance you can of course add to your invitational level. 

All in all a maximum of 10 h of courses should be possible. 

…if we haven’t thought about a possible comination you want to take, shoot us an email:

Levels St. Louis Shag:

Beg/Curious St. Louis Shag:
You want to learn the St. Louis Shag Basics, or have you already taken your first steps?
This level will take both the Beginners and the slightly more experienced St. Louis Shagsters onto a new level. Let yourself be blown away by Rokas and Simona’s positive energy and dive into the world of St. Louis Shag!

Confident St. Louis Shag:
You definitely have experience in this dance and have enjoyed many classes in the past couple of years. Then this level is the place to be. Even if you are quite experienced in St. Louis Shag you will be challenged in this class. Freak out!


Levels Collegiate Shag & Balboa

The Curious level is suitable for those who have a solid knowledge of all the basics. Numerous rhythm and footwork variations, variing leading/following techniques and concepts, and moves are now waiting for you. Also, you will gradually get used to different tempos and improve your feeling for music. Let the learning begin!

After many years of experience in this swing dance, numerous local or international workshops and festivals, you are always confident on the dancefloor at all tempos and with every dance partner. Here you can work intensively on details and techniques and get in touch with unusual combos. Freak out!

You are totally confident in your dancing, and that’s all there is to say.
You understand the concepts and underlying structure of the dance and see it as a form of communication. You compete in different swing dances, teach them actively in your home scene or internationally – or you would say about yourself, that dancing is the one thing in your life, that takes it ALL.

At this level, you will play with the quality of your movements, enhance your improvisational skills, use different levels of musicality, and bring the finesse of your leading or following to a whole new level. Let`s explore together!

*to ensure a very high level of this class, we ask for a formal application during the registration process (text and video). Thank you for your understanding.

Come and join us for 3 unforgettable evenings with Live Music and plenty of DJ Sets!

Friday Party 🎷
21:00 h – till late
Location: Orangerie – Herzog-Otto Straße (riverside), 6020 Innsbruck
Live Music, Teacher Presentations & Good Vibes

Saturday Party 🎼
21:00 h – till late
Location: Orangerie – Herzog-Otto Straße (riverside), 6020 Innsbruck
Live Music, Competions & Good Vibes

Sunday Party 🍻
18:00 h – 00:00 h
Location: Tribaun – Museumsstraße 5, 6020 Innsbruck
Live Music, Beer Tasting & Good Vibes

We look forward to present you…

The Hot Gravel Eskimos (IT) 

Meschugge Quintett (AT)


DJ Ale G (IT)

*the Evening Ticket does not include any workshop nor the Masterclasses

*the evening location ORANGERIE will be reached via the RIVERSIDE

This year we offer 3 different Masterclasses, so choose wisely. 

Masterclass 1: Shag’n’Bal 🎓

Love is in the air! You dance both, Shag and Balboa, but mixing it in the same song is amaze-bals. Let us help you increase your gloriousness with cooler and smoother transitions from Bal to Shag and back again!
Teacher: Sandy Lewis & Martí Gasool

Masterclass 2: Be Like Water 🎓

Learn to improvise to the music with fluency and ease. In this class you will find your Slowbal style or identity.
Teacher: Anni Skoglund & Gašper Hrovat

Materclass 3: Musicality in your Dancing 🎓

A class that invites balboa and shag dancers to improve their rhythmical dance skills by using authentic jazz steps. You will learn how to spice up your partner dancing, especially on phrase breaks by training solo.
Teacher: Simona Pogosian

* Masterclasses are only for those, who have a very solid basic and a good understanding of the dance.
  The Saturday Evening is NOT included in the Masterclass Ticket.
  You can only book one Masterclass as they are happening simultaneously.

Our 2 Main Locations for this festival will be: 

StreetMotion Studio
Ing.-Etzel-Straße 7-10
6020 Innsbruck

Congress Messe Innsbruck – Orangerie
Herzog-Otto Straße
6020 Innsbruck

Please note, that on Google the entrance of the Orangerie Messe Congress Innsbruck might differ: However you will be able to reach it via the entrance ON THE RIVERSIDE – indicated by the arrow:

As in Innsbruck everything is very close together, so please take a bike, the public transport or your own feet to walk from location to location.
Please leave your car at home – WE DO NOT PROVIDE PARKING ON ANY LOCATION – neither paid nor unpaid. 
Plus, its bad for the environment. 😉 🌱

Taster Class

Saturday 19:15 – 20:00 Uhr
Teachers: Minn & Karolina

Join us for our thrilling lifts and tricks sampler. This is perfect for couples looking to add the wow factor to the jam or stick out in a competition! Integrate these power moves into your performance. You will build confidence as our experienced instructors guide you step-by-step to perfect your aerials technique. Gather your sporty energy and see us at this taster.

History Talk

Saturday 20:15 – 21:00 Uhr
Speakers: Minn & Teis

Journey with us through the history of American jazz dance! From Harlem to Hollywood through the 1930’s and 1940’s, Harvest Moon, Hollywood Studios and beyond. We will uncover the legends and cultural influences that have made these dances timeless. Don’t miss out on discovering this rich legacy of American History with Minn & Teis.


Regular Bird
Invitational (2h)

inkl. Evenings

110 €
One Track (4h)

inkl. Evenings

145 €
One Track & Invitational (2h + 4h)

inkl. Evenings

170 €
Double Track (4h + 4h)

inkl. Evenings

200 €
Crazy Bird Track (10h)

inkl. Evenings

230 €
Evenings Only

3 Evenings - NO Workshops inkl.

75 €

NO Evenings inkl. - you can choose only 1 Masterclass

20 €
* Info

you can combine different tracks


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we are a green event!

💚 …by the way, we are repeatedly a green event. 💚
Find out more about all the measurements we take, for social and environmentally friendly behavior on our green event page. 
There you will find lots of additional information regarding travel and transportation, as well as your stay in Innsbruck.  

logo green event tirol 2023

This years Additional info


There are two local partner accommodations Nepomuk Hostel Innsbruck and Montagues Hostel – we can warmly recommend them. 
Please contact them directly if you would like to book a stay with them we have some space blocked for you, so please mention the festival!


Covid-19 Info & Cancelation of the event: 

We will be subject to all laws of the Austrian government, regarding events and classes during theses times. We hope that everybody understands, that at the moment we are confident of hosting this festival in accordance to all legislations. However, if we will not be able to organize the festival as planed we also hope you understand it. We keep you updated every step of the way, to ensure we are able and ready to host. 


Covid-19 regulations & certificate: 

The current state regulations in accordance with Covid-19 apply. Participants will be informed about these a few days before the workshop.
You can inform yourself about all regulations here.



❤️ Thank you ❤️

The Alpine Jitterbugs Team