💚 We are repeatedly a Green Event Tirol 💚

What are Green Events?

Green events are events where special consideration is given to ecological, social and economic sustainability.
“Green Event” is a general and internationally used expression for an event that is characterized by sustainable planning, organization and implementation.

Since the term “sustainability” can be interpreted in many different ways, the specific requirements that are placed on a green event also differ from country to country. All 4 pillars of sustainability – economy, ecology, social affairs, culture – are not always demanded in the same way. Ecological sustainability, i.e. the consideration of nature and environmental protection, is often the focus of a green event. One of the most important criteria is the avoidance of waste. But climate-friendly catering, ecological procurement or incentives for an environmentally friendly arrival and departure of event participants are often among the Green Event measures.

What all green events have in common is that they make a valuable and important contribution to the protection of people and the environment and are therefore characterized by a special quality.


Why are we a Green Event?

We choose our locations and our partners carefully!
All of our partners are environmentally friendly and do their best to save the environment.

💚  For example our main location
Congress Messe Innsbruck
is environmentally certified!

💚  All of our drinks and snacks are from regional suppliers
and packed in an ecological way!

Please help us to reach our environmental goals and arrive environmentally friendly – by public transport – to the festival. You can also do your best in town and use public transport or the city bikes in Innsbruck. We can also tell you that the city itself is very small. you might find it easy to walk from your accomodation to the different locations.

Help us and plan your stay
💚 environmentally friendly 💚

In Innsbruck everything is very close. You will be able to reach all of the locations by foot, bike or public transport – no matter where you stay. 
On this map we marked the main locations for you. 

So you are definitely in walking distance and at all times close to the center and all the other locations. 


The Locations are:

StreetMotion Studio
Ing.-Etzel-Straße 7-10
6020 Innsbruck

Ferrari Schule Innsbruck
Weinhartstraße 4,
6020 Innsbruck

Congress Messe Innsbruck – Orangerie
Herzog-Otto Straße
(Always enter via the riverside)
6020 Innsbruck

Das Wundervoll Coworking
Pembaurst. 14
6020 Innsbruck

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT provide any kind of parking, neither paid nor unpaid, at any location. 

If you are unable to walk, use the city bikes and public transport. 

Close to all locations there will be bike sharing stations and bus/tram stops nearby. 

Use the Trip Planer for Busses

Use the City Bikes

Train Station -> StreetMotion Area

5 min.

10 min.

10 min.

Train Station -> Congress CMI

6 min.

15 min.

7 min.

StreetMotion Area  -> Congress CMI

6 min.

11 min.

15 min.

Your designated lines will be the following, click for timetable!